Women’s Tech & Media Summit 2022
Women’s Tech & Media Summit 2022
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Women's Tech & Media Summit 2022
November 16, 2022
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Join us in conversation with industry leaders about harnessing the power of tech and media.

Part 1: #BeyondtheRepost: Combating Antisemitism and the Power of Tech & Media

Part 2: Accessing the Opportunities for Women in the Workplace & Beyond


Laurie Segall

Former Senior Technology Correspondent for CNN, and Founder of Dot Dot Dot Media

Erica Fink

Director of Development at NBC

Tinamarie Clark

Model, Author, and Creator of the Shift Stirrer Method

Ronny Kobo

Founder & Creative Director

The brand's innovative founder, none other than Ronny Kobo, is a seasoned expert and entrepreneur in the fashion industry. She boldly started off her career by founding her own line of accessories and ultimately launched the trendsetting apparel brand Torn by Ronny Kobo in 2009. Additionally, she held a seat on the board of the prestigious Christie’s Auction House. After procuring a cult following on social media, Kobo has now become the go-to designer for globe-trotting women who want in on the it-girl wardrobe and lifestyle. ‍ Originally from Tel Aviv and raised in Hong Kong, Ronny’s international upbringing exposed her to universal fashion influences at a young age. Her innate interest in fine art, travel and culture eventually led her to New York City, where she graduated with a Master's degree from NYU. The soulful designer speaks English, Hebrew and Spanish, and continues to explore new destinations and garner unique inspiration for her namesake brand. ‍ The coveted Ronny Kobo collection is available in department stores and luxe boutiques worldwide.

Carrie Nachmani

Proud Advocate in Combating Antisemitism, Grand-Fluencer, Carrie's Table

Rachie Shnay

Jeweler, Entrepreneur, Mazel Spreader, Proud Jewish Activist

Rachie was born and raised in New York City. She has always been surrounded by jewels and watched how her mother ran her own successful jewelry company for twenty years. Over the past few years, the market has become inflated and expensive, making it inaccessible for many. Rachie was inspired by the 'Warby Parker' approach and decided to create a line of fine jewelry (yes it is all real!) that is gorgeous, fun, timeless, rich, colorful, chic, relatable, sparkly and most of all accessible to everyone! We pride ourselves on being great gift givers so we want your gift buying and receiving experience to be the best possible. From the price to the packaging, we have got you covered! So for all of you jewelry lovers, cringe no more because Rachie Shnay is your go to, one stop shop for all things glitter. Whether you are looking for the perfect gift for a little lady, a friend, loved one, for yourself or for your mama, Rachie Shnay has it all.

Yuna Leibzon

US Correspondent at Channel 12 News Israel

Jodi Fried

New York-based women's bespoke clothing designer
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