Bridgehampton, New York

The morning will kick off with a Welcoming Address by our chairwoman,

Hadassah Lieberman

An empowered woman, a speaker, a mother, a daughter
of Holocaust survivors, the wife of US Senator Joe Lieberman.

Join us to discuss, review and set the agenda for the upcoming
Selma Rabin
Global Leadership Conference
Women Changing The World
If you are a leader of leaders, you should attend and be part of transforming our country.

Bridgehampton, New York

July 2nd, 2018 - 9am – 11am

Private Estate


Hadassah Lieberman

Guest of Honor & VIP Speaker

Hadassah Lieberman is the Prague-born wife of a retired United States senator who became the first Jewish vice presidential candidate (that’s former senator Joseph Lieberman, first Democrat, then Independent, from Connecticut); she is the mother of two children, one of whom is a rabbi revolutionizing Jewish egalitarian intellectually focused learning (that’s Rabbi Ethan Tucker of Hadar), and the stepmother of two children, and she also is a powerhouse of charisma, charm, social advocacy, and professionalism.

She’s also a frequent speaker on issues of American Jewish life, particularly the Holocaust and its effects on the next generations. It’s an issue she knows firsthand.

Pamela Liebman

VIP Speaker

Pamela Liebman is a globally recognized real estate expert and visionary. She is President and Chief Executive Officer, the Corcoran Group, one of Manhattan’s biggest brokerages. Her sharp analytical mind and strategic approach to growing the real estate business along with an innate ability for attracting and developing talent led to her assuming escalating senior management positions at Corcoran. Her ability to anticipate market trends and develop strategies to swiftly capitalize on market opportunities led to her appointment as President and Chief Executive Officer of The Corcoran Group in 2000.

Pamela is recognized as one of the Top 50 Most Powerful Women in New York by Crain’s New York Business, by Inman as a Top 101 Real Estate brokerage firm executive, in Women Worth Watching by Profiles in Diversity Journal and HousingWire Women of Influence, The Observer NYC Power 100, among many others.

Peggy Tanner


Peggy Tanner, who lives in New York City, worked at Chemical Bank and Morgan Stanley for over a decade before dedicating herself to her work with numerous nonprofits.

She has served as Chair of the Seeds of Peace Board, is Vice Chair of the Board of Trustees at Blythedale Children’s Hospital, is President Emerita and a founding Board Member of The Summer Camp, which provides girls from low-income families and foster homes with a camp experience, and is a member of Dartmouth College’s Board of Trustees. In addition Tanner has served on the boards of FoodPatch, the United Way of Harrison/Purchase, and Planned Parenthood Hudson Peconic.

Two of Peggy’s three sons were American Seeds (2005 and 2010) and Peer Supports (2006 and 2011). Her oldest son, Eric, returned to Camp in 2010 as a member of the staff.

Manda Kalimian

VIP Speaker

Manda Kalimian is founder of the national non profit, CANA Foundation; as well as founder, CEO and visionary of Naturally Considerate™ Skincare & Wellness Products, the Rewilding Space in Long Island and 7 Cedar Ranch Rewilding Retreat in Kansas, co-founder of Saddle PAC, a federally registered political action committee committed to the humanitarian treatment of America's wild horses, habitats and Indigenous people and Triple H Basketball, a AAU basketball team inspired by the mission and core values of the CANA Foundation. Manda also recently launched the ‘CANA Connect’ series, an engagement and awareness series committed to connecting people to the message and purpose of CANA through art, culture and storytelling while emphasizing the importance to reconnect with nature to rewild our world. She is also the CEO of White Feather productions, an independent production company dedicated to educate and share the message and mission of Rewilding to save our horses, environment and world using digital media moving art.

Hailing from Long Island’s North Shore, Manda is married and a mother of two, living with her family where her roots grew. An advocate for horses and the environment, Manda’s lifelong work is to spread awareness on how protecting and preserving our wild horses simultaneously ensures our rights to humanely manage our rangelands, wildlife, and democracy as American Citizens.

Manda founded CANA Foundation; a 501(C)3 that works to rewild the over 60,000 wild horses confined in government holding facilities, costing taxpayers over $100 million dollars a year; and transports these horses back home to native and non native lands where they can live free, an initiative CANA brands as rewilding. These rewilding initiatives simultaneously provide humanitarian, social justice and economic sustainability projects to communities that welcome them home; while empowering those with knowledge and understanding of natural law and the original creation to become rightful stewards once again.

Rewilding, or the restoration of life giving ways, is nature in balance as it was originally intended. The need to rewild our world is what inspired Manda to create Naturally Considerate™and the educational Rewilding Space; to further promote and support CANA’s rewilding initiatives. Together, these brands create a wheel of awareness, education, inspiration and action to help restore a more balanced, harmonious world among people, animals and the world we share together.

Karen Erickson


Very few designers can claim to have dressed both the First Lady and Lady Gaga, but even fewer share the imagination of jewelers Erickson Beamon.

Welcome to their universe, where glittering snowflakes freeze into delicate drop earrings, black bloom on bangles, a “Brave New World” is being charted out with yards of pearls and the “Duchess of Fabulous” rules the roost. Prepare to “Be…dazzled,” warned the late Alexander McQueen, a frequent collaborator.

Founded and designed by Detroit natives Karen & Eric Erickson, Erickson Beamon was born out of the same spontaneous spirit that carries the brand forward today. Working with a local designer on their premiere runway show in the early ’80s, Karen Erickson knew that jewelry was necessary. But little did she know that by merely stringing crystals and beads onto suede, she was launching a company that would soon be featured in Vogue, and credited with creating the chandelier earring. Erickson Beamon opened a European division in 1985, and the opening of a flagship boutique inLondon’s Belgravia soon followed. Erickson Beamon is now sold in over 600 stores in 75 nations worldwide.

Though the collection has grown exponentially in the past 27 years, the same handcrafted aesthetic is still Erickson Beamon’s trademark. Walk into their design studios in Manhattan’s West Chelsea and visitors will find artisans sitting before trays laden with crystals and semi- precious stones, meticulously assembling each piece by hand. Lying nearby on a table will be the results of some new experiment Karen and is conducting pushing the possibilities of pearls, crystals and chains – including mirrors, masks, and a chandelier collection that was launched in 2004.

With a fount of creative energy to tap into, it’s little wonder that Erickson Beamon is an in – demand collaborator for fashion houses like Donna Karan, John Galliano, Zac Posen, Givenchy, Anna Sui and Emanuel Ungaro. “Erickson Beamon is really an overdose of beauty and creativity,” says Dries Van Noten.

Such inspired artistry has been immortalized in the collections of London’s Victoria & Albert Museum and the Costume Institute of the Metropolitan Museum, where the “Dollhouse” chandelier earrings are permanently housed. Erickson Beamon has also been honored with a retrospective exhibition, first curated in 2003 by Simon Doonan for the windows of Barneys in honor of the brand’s 20th anniversary. The retrospective has since traveled as far afield as Hong Kong’s Lane Crawford.

The house now boasts a fine jewelry collection, offering the brand’s signature style in diamonds and 18 karat gold. An eyewear license was added in 2007, and the designers launched a limited edition capsule collection Erickson Beamon for Target in February 2009.

Heritage and handcraftsmanship are the Erickson Beamon hallmarks. Karen and Eric work alongside their two daughters, Mandie and Monique. Plans for the next generation: a global luxury brand that will encompass handbags, shoes, and a retail world. In 2010, Erickson Beamon debuted ‘House Jewels’, a collection of frames, mirrors, candelabra, jewelry boxes, pillows and more, to bring the iconic look home.

Vered Ben-Sadon

VIP Speaker

When Vered Ben Saadon, a 37-year-old Israeli winemaker who is in the United States. She was born into a background so complicated that no one should have been surprised by the twists in her own life.

Her father was born Jewish, but her mother was not. Her paternal grandmother, Lisha de Paris, was a teenager at the start of World War II. “Her story was the same as Anne Frank’s,” Ms. Ben Saadon said. “The same age, the same country.” Of course, Ms. de Paris’ story ended better. “And it is because of that, that we are here,” her granddaughter said.

“When I was 12, she gave me the diary that she wrote for her bat mitzvah. I was very proud to get it. And when my oldest daughter” – she is the mother of five children – “became 12, I gave it to her for her bat mitzvah, and then we both gave it to Yad VaShem.” She also received her mother’s yellow star badge and a sign that said “No Entry for Jews.”

Her mother, along with her family, was hidden by a family headed by a man named Jan Giliam, who later was recognized by Yad VaShem.

When the war ended, Ms. de Paris married another Jewish survivor, and they had two sons. One of them was Ms. Ben Saadon’s father. Her husband died, she remarried, had another child; that husband also died, and she got married again, this time to a non-Jew, a Dutch widower named Raul Meyer. Mr. Meyer had a child, a daughter – his first wife had not been Jewish and so of course his child was not either. The four children spent part of their childhoods together, and one of the boys fell in love with the girl.

Those were Ms. Ben Saadon’s parents.

Relatives of her mother had supported the Germans during the war.

Despite family objections – mainly from the non-Jewish side – the couple married. They both were physical therapists, and they were curious about the world around them. Together, they studied world religions. “After they learned about Buddah, they asked the teacher why they didn’t also study Judaism,” Ms. Ben Saadon said. “He said that he didn’t know too much, and that it was too complicated.”

But both of her parents were fascinated by Judaism. Propelled by their interest, and with their curiosity piqued by the relatives who already lived in Israel, already the parents of two small girls, they made aliyah. There, after just a few years – after trying hard, enduring rebuffs, and pushing forward – Ms. Ben Saadon’s mother, her sister, and she were converted by the chief rabbi, Shlomo Goren. Then her parents, who had lived separately once her mother was converted because they had not been married in a Jewish ceremony, remarried. “We have a nice picture of us at our parents’ wedding,” she said. “Who has a picture like that?”

Her grandmother was one of three sisters, Ms. Ben Saadon said. “One lived in Holland, and one in Israel; my grandmother made aliyah from Holland to Israel maybe 10 years ago.” The family held a reunion a few months ago, and “we were like 150 people, lots of babies, lots of children.”

Ms. Ben Saadon met her husband, Erez, whose family came to Israel from Morocco and Iran, when she was 15 and he was 18. “At first my parents did not know,” she said. “And then they found out.” The couple married at the end of her senior year of high school. Six months later, in love not only with each other but also with the romance of the land, they bought a vineyard.

They didn’t know anything about agriculture, but they knew they wanted land. They wanted roots in the Holy Land.

It was hard work, and it took them a long time to establish the business. “For years we had very little to eat,” Ms. Ben Saadon said. “We were a young couple. For a while, to earn money, I cleaned houses. I was cleaning houses even when I was pregnant.”

Their 40 dunams of land is in the Shomron, or Samaria Рin the West Bank, over the green line. The family grew high-quality grapes, and at first they simply sold them to winemakers. But soon the political situation made it difficult for them to sell their grapes. Just as the clich̩ says that if life gives you lemons, you should make lemonade, the Ben Saadons decided to take their grapes and make wine.

That is how the Tura Winery was begun.

The couple went to a winemaking school in northern Israel, and they started slow. At first, ten years ago, they made only 1,200 bottles a year; now they are up to 26,000, and sell 40 percent of it in North America. They produce red, white, and dessert wines; they have won medals in Eshkol Hazahav, the Israeli competition, and in Terra Vino, an international one.

“It’s hard,” she said. “We had terrorist explosions in the vineyards three times. Once they set a fire, and when we went to take care of it, a bomb exploded.

“We don’t choose this situation, but we deal with it, because we love the land of Israel, and we see with our own eyes how the land gives us back love.”

Alissa L. Van Horn Esq.

VIP Speaker

Alissa L. Van Horn, Esq. is a Founding Member and Managing Partner of Van Horn & Friedman, P.C., a boutique family law firm, exclusively dedicated to handling family and matrimonial cases in the New York Metropolitan Area.

Prior to founding Van Horn & Friedman, P.C., Alissa opened the doors to her first solo practice in 2010, the Law Office of Alissa L. Van Horn, P.C. where she exclusively concentrated on matrimonial and family law matters.   Alissa was previously an associate of Rosin Steinhagen Mendel in New York, NY, a boutique family law firm, where she primarily focused on adoption and foster care litigation for more than three years.  Alissa began her career as an attorney in 2006, as an associate of Gildin, Zelenitz & Shapiro, P.C., where she engaged in general practice with a concentration in matrimonial and family law matters.

Alissa is a member of the New York State Bar Association, Family Law Chapter, the Suffolk County Bar Association, the Nassau County Bar Association, a former member of the Queens County Women’s Bar Association and the New York City Bar Association.

Alissa is licensed to practice law in New York, Connecticut and the United States Supreme Court.  Alissa has a juris doctor from Widener University School of Law, and obtained her undergraduate degree in Public Administration from St. Joseph’s University in Philadelphia, PA.

In 2017, Alissa received Alissa received the Long Island Power Women in Business Award and the Long Island Business News Leadership in Law Award and has been selected as an honoree at the Long Island Business News 40 Under 40 Awards in 2018.  Alissa is also a 3-time recipient of the Rising Star Award and the Top Female Attorneys Award for NYC Metro by Super Lawyers Magazine. Alissa received the “10 Best” Award by the American Institute for Family Law Attorneys in 2016 and 2017, the Top 10 Under 40 Award by the National Academy of Family Law Attorneys, the Top 100 Attorneys Award and the Top 40 under 40 Award for NYC by the National Advocates in the area of Divorce and Family Law, the Outstanding Women in the Law Award for 2016 by Hofstra Law School’s Center for Children and Families, and was featured by LI Pulse Magazine as a Top Legal Eagle in March 2017.

Van Horn & Friedman, P.C. was selected as a Top 10 Law Firm in New York in the area of Family Law 2 years in a row.

Alissa began teaching CLE’s in 2015 on family and matrimonial matters for Marino CLE, LawLine. NACLE and Clear Law.  Alissa was a Guest Speaker at Legaltech’s LegalWeek in 2018 on the topic of starting and succeeding in a small law firm.  Additionally, Alissa has presented on topics related to divorce and Family Law by the New York State Society of CPA’s and New York Presbyterian Hospital.  Throughout the year, Alissa offers free seminars to residents of Long Island on procedural and substantive matters they face in Family and Supreme Courts.  Alissa is also a member of, networking for a cause, and supports many local charities including the American Kidney Fund, Kids Clubhouse and Big Brothers Big Sisters of Long Island, LIAFF.

Sarah Rotenstreich


19 years ago, Sarah recognized the need for a stellar, progressive education that would inspire and propel children to become leaders and thinkers, accessing key skills early in their development and preparing them for the future.

Her insights led her to found Preschool of the Arts, with a focus on academic learning, and building healthy habits of the mind, heart, body, and spirit. Sarah is keenly aware of the needs of young children and their families and has dedicated her professional life to catering to them.

Under her leadership, Preschool of the Arts has become of the most in-demand programs in NYC. Moreover, Sarah has established herself as an expert in child development and academic skill-building and authored Curriculum of the Arts, a holistic preschool curriculum used by over 300 schools worldwide. Sarak has lectured to thousands of educators from all around the world and conducted countless workshops. She also serves as a consultant for hundreds of schools and institutions, having supported the establishment of high-caliber Early Childhood programs throughout the U.S., Asia, Canada, and Israel.

Nina Roket

Managing Partner

Nina Roket concentrates on commercial real estate law with an emphasis in leasing, conveyancing and finance transactions. She was named to the Leading Women Lawyers in New York by Crain’s New York Business and serves as a member of WX and NY Women Executives in Real Estate

Nina advises clients across the U.S. in sophisticated commercial real estate transactions, including leasing, sales, acquisitions and mortgage, mezzanine and preferred equity financings.

Nina is landlord's counsel at numerous office buildings in Midtown and Downtown New York City. Nina also manages complex retail leasing transaction projects on behalf of numerous developers and owners at significant, high profile retail sites across the U.S., including New York, Miami Beach, Las Vegas, Beverly Hills and Atlantic City.

Nina has a specialty in restaurant transactions and is counsel to high-profile restaurateurs in bringing complex projects to fruition, advising them and providing resources on matters ranging from negotiating leases to acting as business counsel.

Nina was named to the Leading Women Lawyers in New York by Crain’s New York Business.

Nina serves as a member of WX, New York Women Executives in Real Estate, an invitation-only association of executive-level women actively engaged in the commercial real estate industry in New York and as a board member of Sarcoma Foundation of America.

Additionally, Nina is a co-administrative partner at Olshan, chair of the firm's Hiring Committee and founder and chair of the Women’s Committee, which serves as a networking, business development and mentoring platform for the firm’s women lawyers and their clients and colleagues.

Nina received her J.D., cum laude, from New York Law School and holds a B.A., cum laude, from Fordham University.

Ariana Stolarz


Argentine native. New Yorker by adoption. Curious by nature.

Ariana has built a career out of building and growing relationships between people and brands. She’s created connections with virtually every group of people out there: Moms, business travelers, political elites, kids, teens and tweens. Fashion lovers and home improvers. Affluent shoppers and deal hunters. Immigrants and emigrants. First time home buyers and students. And the list goes on and on.

Her innate understanding of how to connect with people stems from her nearly two decades of being plugged into the world of strategy. She has crafted strategy at the local, hyper-local, regional, national and global levels, and she has worked with multicultural and general market audiences.

Ariana has led digital strategy teams within award-winning advertising agencies. Before becoming Global Chief Strategy Officer at MRM//McCann, she lead teams at mcgarrybowen, The Vidal Partnership and JWT. Ariana holds an M.A. in Media Studies. She has spent her career unearthing, tracking and understanding human behavior and decoding people’s drivers to interact with media and technology; examining and shaping the way in which people relate with family, friends, colleagues, trusted sources, and strangers through technology; and coming up with novel ideas that creatively engage people beyond technology.

Ariana is also a Board Director at PVBLIC Foundation. Through her work and speaking engagements at the United Nations, she continues to push forward her commitment to harnessing the power of media to drive social change by raising awareness and activating citizens globally around the Sustainable Development Goals. In 2017, Ariana was recognized as a Leadership Council Honoree at the Media for Social Impact Summit held at the United Nations.

Elizabeth Sutton

Elizabeth Sutton Collection

Powerhouse designer Elizabeth Sutton (b. 1989) is a millennial entrepreneur-artist born and raised in New York City. Sutton is changing the world of interiors one unique and colorful design at a time. Known for her bright, bold stylings, and good vibes ethos, Sutton's distinctive creations have been recognized by many famous publications like Architectural Digest, The New York Times, Forbes, Ocean Drive, and the top tastemakers from New York City to Los Angeles.

Sutton's client luminaries include Kourtney Kardashian, Paris Hilton, Pippa Middleton, Pitbull, Andrew Bocelli, and Iris Apfel. In addition, Sutton has won multiple "Best in Show" awards at designer showcases, has been featured in Bravo's Million Dollar Listing, was dubbed as "the artist and designer to know right now" by Forbes, and was listed as one of their inaugural "Next 1000" list.

Sutton's portfolio includes original artworks, acrylic prints and paper prints of original artwork, dazzling clutches, bold patterned rugs, office chairs, and coloring books.

She is committed to shaping spaces and experiences, while continually on the hunt for strategic partnerships and licensing deals to bring her unique design vision to life. Sutton's recent creative collaborations include TileBar, Janovic, The Whale, a high concept office building in Brooklyn, NY; and ongoing projects with the Eden Rock Hotel in St. Barths.

Sutton's work spans diverse industries and media. Her relentless drive to pursue her dreams, and a profound dedication to lifting people up, make her an artist of our time.

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